I was finally back in Berlin after quite some while. That city’s still so fascinating to me, I guess it comes first in Europe (after Bern).

I was there for 4.5 days, unfortunately the weather didn’t improve: after a couple hours of sunshine it was just day after day of thick white fog.

I went to a club called Cassiopeia with some Irish, British and South African folks. Best place I’ve been out to in Berlin yet. They almost wouldn’t return my jacket when leaving though.

I attended Creative Mornings Berlin #14 at Charlottenburg’s orangelab. Young design studio Bold Futures presented some of their work with “speculative science ficton prototypes” for products or services. Quite special field of work, it was interesting though.

I stayed in Kreuzberg’s Grand Hostel Berlin which is just amazing. Quite cheap as are most Berlin hostels but perfectly clean, really nice and helpful staff, situated in the heart of Kreuzberg and equipped with an own breakfast and sandwich bar as well as a bar with a common space to meet many great people.

Went to watch footie, too. BFC Dynamo has a small stadium and the game was attended by 402 spectators. Even though it was really cold I enjoyed the game because of many goals (6-1) and cheap beer & mulled wine.