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«Gegen die Regeln» (German for «Against the Rules») is Switzerland’s first fictional VR (Virtual Reality) film. The jealousy drama of an open relationship can be experienced in a 360° space – without any special equipment.

«What the hell is going on in your head?», Anna angrily asks her boyfriend Alex. During the 360° relationship drama, it becomes obvious that the couple is a bit short on domestic bliss. Misun- derstandings, breaking of rules and a wish for freedom clash – and Alex ends up drawing radical consequences.

A 360° shoot is inherently different from regular film shoots: The film was recorded with 6 GoPro cameras, which were attached to a specifically designed rig. This set-up allows viewers to experience the film in 360° space. Seven microphones and ten light sources were hidden on set in order to achieve invisible yet ideal light and audio conditions. Of course, the whole crew also had to leave the set while filming. Six tablets were used as control monitors in order to see what was being recorded in realtime.

Students, professors and assistants of Zurich University of the Arts with a major in Cast / Audiovisual Media