A travel & fine art photographer from Bern, Switzerland, I have shifted my focus from digital to analog photography throughout the last few years. It’s the beautiful looks, the colors and the slowing down in the process that fascinate and motivate me. I compose my photos much more carefully when I shoot film. Although I like the process of developing film myself, I usually send it to the amazing Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia, Spain or the awesome Richard Photo Lab in Valencia, California. Every now and then, you may find some self-developed photos on here though. Besides photography, I think (and write sometimes) about film(making), travel, coffee, food, beer, art, design, books and more.

I follow a minimalistic approach, trying to have as little equipment as possible and as much as necessary. I usually work with available/natural light only and mostly shoot a Hasselblad 503 CW medium format camera and a Leica M6 rangefinder. My preferred film stocks are Kodak’s Portra 400 and Tri-X 400


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