Finding decent coffee in Copenhagen is not too difficult a task. My intention was finding the best one though (which, admittedly, wasn’t all that hard either). So here we go: The Coffee Collective, best coffee in Copenhagen.

They have three locations in the city, I first went to the Jægersborggade one. The café’s setting was simple yet cozy, everything was really focused on the coffee (although they did serve good breakfast too). They roast their coffee right in there for everyone to see.

You might have to wait for your espresso shot for a quarter-hour (or more) sometimes, but do not even think of leaving before it’s your turn. Two days after my first visit, I checked out the branch in Torvehallerne, where I had some coffee and a glass of delicious Cascara (a soda made from coffee cherry husk, sold in more and more coffee shops around the globe these days).

Have a look at their website as well: Besides good coffee (available as monthly subscriptions too), they offer courses and equipment too. What’s more, they really seem to care and pay their partners good money.