From Penang we booked a minibus all the way to Bangkok (instead of the train or one of the more expensive buses). The ride to Hat Yai, a city in Thailand’s far south close to the Malaysian border, wasn’t too bad. The thing was that we arrived there late and thus missed the bus that was supposed to take us to Bangkok. For that reason, we had to wait six hours before boarding the next minibus. Hence we arrived in Bangkok in the middle of the night instead of late evening.

Anyways, we had a blast in Thailand’s capital and were super active every day. We went meditating in a Buddhist temple, did some thai boxing, learnt the basics of Thai cooking at an excellent cooking school, tried all the delicious food, and went to most of the places you ought to as a first-time visitor to Bangkok.

I only brought my camera with me on one single day, when we visited «Wat Phra Kaew» (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). The temple is located within the area of the Grand Palace and is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Hence it’s one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Bangkok. After walking around the huge area of the temple all afternoon in the heat, we refreshed ourselves with some smoothies at the cozy Favour Café, just a 10 minute walk away.