During my time in Gothenburg, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make art with indigent people – in my case these were beggars on the streets of Gothenburg – without having the feeling of taking advantage of their situation. I ended up working on a project I titled «About Giving and Taking», asking beggars to take my photo. Why? Read these PDFs and take a look at the pictures.

I hung four photographs along with three short texts, which were a substantial part of the exhibition. Each picture was accompanied by a title tag with the photographers’ (= beggars’) names as titles.

Text Entrance, at the entrance of the gallery as an introduction to the exhibition.

Text Portraits, next to the three portraits of myself.

Text Begging Spot, next to the picture of the begging spot.

Moreover, there was an Exhibition Catalogue that contained some information about how I approached the project, what difficulties I encountered and more.






Fabian Schmid