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I post photos of Bern every 6-12 months, so I’m now adding the months the photos were taken in to the title of the posts. Very important information, right? Anyways, these 27 photos are from the second half of 2017 and most of them were taken either at (my former) home – a great, large duplex apartment that I shared with friends for a little more than four years – or on the route Seraina and I often chose when going for a walk through the city: from Eigerplatz down to Marzili, crossing the Aare river on the Dalmazi bridge, and walking along the river until the Bear pit, before making our way back uptown through the old quarter and past the train station to the quickly transforming Mattenhof neighborhood. It’s been a good place to live for the last couple of years, yet I’m very much looking forward to our new home in the city.