We initially planned a trip to Japan on our way back from Hawaii in early spring, making it a round-the-world trip. However, we had to change plans and fly back the other way around, postponing our trip to Japan by a few weeks. So by the beginning of June, we finally left for Japan after spending a bit over a month at home. On the road again! (Or in the air, rather.) We had been to Tokyo a year and a half earlier and absolutely loved it, but we hadn’t seen anything else of Japan. This time, besides Tokyo, we were to visit the two small towns Hakone and Yamanakako in the Fuji Five Lakes region, close to the beautiful symmetrical volcano, as well as Kyoto. To get there, we bought a Shinkansen ticket and were impressed how fast the trains race past you on the tracks. Kyoto was amazing. We didn’t expect that many traditional houses spread throughout the city, it was beautiful. And just like in Tokyo, pretty much every meal we had was fantastic.