Leaving Rajasthan, we took a bus to Ahmedabad. We had a flight to Kochi the following day and only had about half a day to spend in Ahmedabad. We used it to eat lunch at a branch of Swati Snacks, which was surprisingly awesome, drive around the city on tuk-tuks, visit the Gandhi Ashram, where we met lots of green parrots, and ended the day with a great Gujarati thali in a rather fancy setting.

The next day we flew to Kochi and I got food poisoning. We’d made it this far without any health problems whatsoever but now was the time. I spent two days in bed and with a very smooth transition I was fine again and it was my girlfriend’s turn. So in the end, we could only spend about two days in Kochi. We went to a nearby beach, walked around the Mattancherry and Fort Kochi neighborhoods, visiting some of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale’s venues, and took a boat tour on the backwaters of Kerala.