After my studies in Gothenburg, I went on a trip with a few of my non-Swedish Sweden friends. We were lucky enough to stay for free in a lovely cabin in the woods for a week (actually it was a rather big house with two floors, sauna, a spacious garden with a shed and much more situated right next to a nice little pond). The cabin was situated beautifully in the midst of idyllic Småland, the region which is home to «Pippi Långstrump» («Pippi Longstocking»). We spent a wonderful couple of days full of UNO games and jigsaw puzzles. We went kayaking and fishing (sometimes simultaneously), prepared and consumed fine food, drank a little bit too, relaxed in the sauna, did some amateur yoga. We made twist bread at the campfire, we took a swim in the pond (to be honest, it was more like a super brief dive followed by a sprint straight to the sauna), and we treated ourselves with a lot of sleep. We went for walks along the pond and beyond, enjoyed the landscapes and the peaceful tranquility of nature. It was a perfect ending to a live-enriching few months of new experiences, lessons learned, lessons taught perhaps and new friends made.