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In September, Seraina and I went to New York City. It was my first trip there in a while and the first ever trip for Seraina, so I was super excited to take her to all the beautiful places and show her everything I love about this city. Or at least as much as we could fit in two weeks, which was quite a bit. And of course, we had to go and see Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty and all the other famous sights as well.

We didn’t only go back to all the places I already knew, though. Just like every time I visit, the city had changed a lot. A handful of new skyscrapers had modified the skyline, a bunch of new trendy streets and areas emerged, and new coffee shops and restaurants popped up everywhere. As on most of our trips, the latter two took up a lot of our time and money, but made us very happy in exchange.

I published the first part of my photos from this trip in my NYCWLK 2.0 post. Obviously, though, I didn’t only shoot on that one day the photo walk was taking place. Part 2 is a selection of the remaining 12 days or so.

Most of the negatives were scanned by Carmencita Film Lab on the Noritsu HS-1800 instead of the Fuji Frontier SP-3000. Two frames were scanned by Richard Photo Lab on the Frontier.