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For the turn of the year, Seraina’s family and I flew to Sarajevo to visit her grandfather. I hadn’t been to Bosnia before so I was very curious. Many things were very much the way I expected them to be, having heard and read quite a bit about the country, though in general it was a bit nicer and more modern, actually. I enjoyed seeing a new city and enjoyed the food. The Bosnian (or Balkan) kitchen isn’t all that popular internationally, nor did it seem extremely rich in variety. But there were a few highlights, namely pita and cevapi, that we ate on most days. We drank Bosnian/Turkish coffee, but also found a sort of third wave coffee shop (that had most likely just opened its doors the day before). On New Year’s Eve, we attended an openair concert by Dino Merlin, one of the Balkans most famous singers. It was freezing cold and I could hardly feel my toes but it was lovely. I also learnt that the air quality in Sarajevo is often terribly bad in winter because most people still heat with wood. Restaurants and cafés, of course, were full with cigarette smoke.

Some of my frames ended up being partly double exposed probably because the film was moved while in the back.