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The Matterhorn is one of the most famous and best marketed mountains of the Alps. A good place to see it is usually the Gornergrat summit, 3135 masl, reachable by Europe’s highest open-air railway (and second highest railway in Europe after the Jungfrau). The Matterhorn is usually the star and steals all the other mountains in the area the show. But what if it hides behind a wall of clouds?

The tourists are clearly disappointed. They have come from very far only to see the famous Toblerone summit and have paid a lot of money to do so. It’s fine for us, though. We can come back anytime and it’ll only take us a few hours. Besides, there’s plenty of other stuff to look at up here: The Gorner Glacier, second largest glacier in the Alps, the Dufourspitze (Switzerland’s highest mountain and the second-highest mountain of the Alps), or 28 other summits higher than 4000 masl.