Before I’m diving into the Oahu part of our trip, the first picture here is that one photo I took on Maui.

Oahu was our last destination on our 3.5-months-trip (not counting a 20-something-hour layover in LA). After having been to quite a number of beaches within the last few days on the Big Island, we didn’t need much beach time on Oahu. Instead, we did the short hike/walk up to the Diamond Head crater, where I took the same photo I’d taken two years ago. We ate a lot of delicious things (poké!) and (re)discovered some great coffee spots in Honolulu and enjoyed being in a big city again after a few weeks without one. And we rented a car, drove up to Oahu’s North Shore and back down to Honolulu along the coast, stopping every now and then to watch surfers, take photos, eat burritos, and do some final souvenir shopping. It was a really nice drive and it was a really, really nice last few days of this trip. We weren’t too sad going home, as our next trip (to Japan) was already awaiting us in about five weeks’ time.