We’d had the intention to travel to India for a few years and last December we did so. We stayed for a month and started our trip in Delhi, which, looking back on it, was probably the most chaotic and intense place we visited. Yet, we didn’t experience a huge culture shock. Many things like traffic, piles of garbage/plastic next to train tracks, bad air quality were a little more intense than in pretty much any place we’d been to before, but I guess we came prepared. After a few days, we sort of got accustomed to how things work and all. We had already eaten so many different Indian dishes after a few days, but so much more of this heavenly food was to come our way and we couldn’t be happier about it. Before making our way to the yoga hotspot Rishikesh, we visited Taj Mahal and the Red Fort on a day trip. The mausoleum was smaller than expected yet very impressive and beautiful.