We visited Paris during the record-breaking heat wave last summer. The day before we took the train from Bern to Paris, we received a reminder by email to bring enough water. We were pretty much boiling in the city when it reached an all-time high temperature of 42.6° celsius. Two days later, the temperature dropped by 20-ish degrees. Despite the heat, we had an amazing time, drank too much wine and Chartreuse and ate too much great food. One excellent restaurant we visited was Saturne, which, sadly, closed for good soon after (apparently they’re working on a new project). And while we didn’t have enough time for dinner at Frenchie, we spent a fabulous few hours with wine at their wine bar opposite and I got to have lunch at their to go place a few months later. Two more recommendations: Verjus, where we enjoyed an extraordinary dinner, and Substance, a great new specialty café.