Once again, it’s almost spring by the time I’m posting last year’s flashback. A ton of things happened in 2019. One thing was that I did not do a lot of photography work, taking less jobs but also not really working on personal work. Mostly, because I was really busy with what has become a full-time job by now: sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee for the small coffee roastery I started with my brother Dennys: Drip Roasters.

Also, Seraina and I got a new roommate. His name is Friedrich and he’s a cat. Here are some pictures of 2019.



It feels like a long time ago already. India truly was a different world. It was definitely tougher to travel than many of the places I’d been to before. But I really want to go back soon!



After getting back from India, we didn’t travel for a few months. Istanbul was in May, after a very intense few months of work back home. Amazing food and just a very nice city to visit.



The cat. He’s great. And not as tiny anymore, unfortunately.



Always good to visit, even with record-breaking temperatures. Great food and good coffee.



Beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches and a very laid-back week of vacation.


The Netherlands

Short trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, a few days packed with work and football games.



On a week-long trip, we toured this beautiful country in a rental, sipped a lot of wine and coffee, and had one of the best meals ever.



A week-long work trip to Siem Reap and we even found time for a little sightseeing.


I visited 12 countries in 2019. I will most likely visit less this year, as I will be working a lot in Switzerland this year. We’ll be opening a café in Bern in early March and we’re expecting to move to a new location with the roastery. I probably won’t be traveling that much and most likely I won’t use my cameras very often, except for a few odd jobs. Yet, I’m very much looking forward to the next few months and I’m quite happy with things the way they’re developing right now.


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