In spring 2017, Seraina decided that she wanted to travel. She found a job to earn the money she needed, I managed to schedule work the way I had to, and we slowly began making plans for a 3-to-5-months-long trip to start by the end of the year. A few months later, we moved out of the apartment I had lived in for the last four years and embarked on a 3.5-months-long journey that led us to Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. Our first stop was New York City. The city greeted us with freezing temperatures – we were equipped with the thinnest and lightest down jackets we could find. Yet, we had a great NYE at a great restaurant and two days into 2018, we boarded the plane again to fly to Colombia.

I’d been to Colombia three and a half years ago. Now, it was time to return with my girlfriend. We spent a lot of time on the Caribbean coast, a week on the far-away islands of San Andrés and Providencia, and concluded the first month of our trip in Medellín, Salento and Bogotá.

Unfortunately, most photos I had taken in Colombia are gone. All my film rolls were in a backpack that was stolen a few days after we left Colombia. I’m left with 20 of my own photos and 28 more taken by Seraina: Those two rolls were in our cameras, which, luckily, they didn’t steal.